Hot Ass

Hot Ass

Pornstars: Peto Mohac

Producer: Str8Hell

They don’t come hotter than Peto Mohac and today we have a wonderful hot ass scene. He looks so good as he sits on the bench rubbing his hot body and groping his underwear. A helping hand arrives and begins to rub Peto’s sexy chest. The hand drops to Peto’s underwear too, feeling his cock. Then oil is rubbed all over that sexy chest. Moving downwards the hands lower the underwear to release Peto’s cock and balls. Oil is dripped onto them and rubbed all over. with his cock swelling and coated in oil the underwear is removed to leave Peto fully naked. His cock is wanked as he lays back and enjoys the feeling. His legs are raised into the air to expose his ass and the hot hole. That hole looks so inviting and is soon coated in oil as the hands rub all over. Peto holds his legs up to give access to his hold and a finger rubs over it. With his cock getting hard as it is wanked a thumb pushes into his hot hole. The thumb fucks Petos hot hole as the other hand wank his cock. A vibrator is pushed into that tight hole and fucks in and out. As the toys fucks his ass Peto’s dick is wanked too. Then the toy is removed and a finger slips into the hole. It goes in nice and deep and fucks in and out. Soon that hole received two fingers which push deep inside, stretching the hole wide. Peto then bends over, still making that ass available and the toy pushes back inside, after rubbing up and down the crack. With that hot hole worked well a much fatter toy is presented to it. The big dildo shoves into that ass, stretching it so wide. That ass is fucked by the toy and then the vibrator before Peto sits on the bench and wanks his cock. He keeps wanking until the dick gives up the hot cum. Peto milks his cock dry with cum coating his shaft and his hand.


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