Case #1904060-20

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Pornstars: Unknow

Producer: Young Perps

When this perp gets reported for walking around with his junk hanging out of his shorts, our Loss Prevention Officer can’t help but take a closer look. He hauls the cute black perp to the backroom and shoves his own BBC between the perp’s wet lips! April 26th, 2019. 8:03 AM. Public Nudity. 20 Year Old Black Male, 5″8′. A young man is reported walking the premises in revealing clothing. Patrons complain that the man’s genitals can be seen hanging out of the bottom of his shorts, leading the Loss Prevention Officer to detain the perp. The perp is shown to the backroom and confronted about his unsavory attire. He claims that this is what he normally wears and denies any intention of wrongdoing. The Loss Prevention Officer informs the perp that his exhibitionism is not welcome on the premises, and proper disciplinary actions are taken. Featuring: Guard (Ethan Thomson) and Damion Taylor (Perp).