Czech Hunter #518

Pornstars: Unknow

Producer: Czech Hunter

I called my new friend Kelvin and asked if he had any cute friends willing to join us as a threesome. Well, Kelvin is a super cute 19 year old bitch, so I was sure he’d have a few guys who fit the bill. We found ourselves on the bank of the Vltava river and I wasn’t disappointed. David was a really good-looking redhead and definitely up for some naughty things. I took them both to my house and we had a wonderful time together. The boys have never tried anything gay with each other so this was a little awkward at first. Once they let their cocks take over, the entire afternoon became one big session of pleasuring each other. We focused our cocks on David, who was hit hard. But Kelvin’s ass didn’t escape unscathed either. Overall, an amazing date is worth every crown.