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Pornstars: Unknow

Producer: Corbin Fisher

Will’s a hottie through and through! He reminds me a bit of Tom Holland from Spider-Man and the Avengers movies, but with a southern accent – and that’s a combination I’ll take any day of the week! Then again, I have been watching too many MCU movies as of late! Will’s a shy and quiet type at first, and it’s a bit funny how we all noticed this about him when he first got here, and then he went on to admit precisely that during his interview in this solo. He certainly does open up once comfortable, though, and he goes from being shy and quiet to friendly and charming. All throughout, though, he’s insanely sexy! He has a great face, great voice, and flawlessly tight and toned body. We got him in to the shower for his solo, and he looks damn good when dripping wet, as I’m sure you’ll agree!